Onyx International Group

Crypto Currency Loans & ICO's (Initial Coin Offerings)

Onyx International Group Leverage your blockchain assets to borrow USD & Euro with our platform. Onyx has been active in many traditional areas of capital markets, including equities and bonds trading, public structured credit, venture capital, and real estate. Unlike most other lenders in the space, we are not a peer-to-peer lender. Having access to institutional capital means borrowers don’t need to wait days or even weeks to receive a loan. We currently lend against Bitcoin (BTC),

Ethereum (ETH) and 50 other crypto currencies blockchains with no hidden fees.

Transparent and simple cost structure: monthly interest payment plus a one-time closing fee.

We have the most flexible LTV parameters, giving you options to borrow between 30% to 70% LTV.


Simple interest only loans with maturities between 6 to 60 months.

Typical Borrower: Startups looking to leverage their crypto holdings from an ICO for working capital or big purchases. Businesses looking to potentially save money on taxes through interest deduction and postponing capital gains.


Consecutive monthly principal & interest payments with a 12 month to 60 month maturity.

Typical Borrower: More established businesses with revenues, such as crypto miners, retailers, and service providers that prefer to repay monthly with no balloon payment at maturity.


Revolving credit line for short to medium term capital needs of your business, 6 to 60 month maturity. 

Typical Borrower: Bitcoin and Ethereum miners looking to increase operational capacity or need a standby credit line for ongoing capital needs.

ICO (Initial Coin Offerings)

​Business consulting (Tokenomics)

Token concept development or review of the client’s token concept

Development of the token use methodology: a guide on managing the issued tokens

Marketing consulting

ICO marketing guide explaining the best use of available tools

Ongoing consultations with marketing experts on the specifics of ICO marketing process

Designing and updating the campaign strategy

ICO analytics dashboard - «smart» monitoring panel reflecting your ICO progress in real time

All meaningful metrics on one page, which saves time on tracking them in the analytical system. The data is updated automatically 24/7.

Standart function smart contract Reliable solution for your token development

ERC-20 universal standard

The choice of the most popular standard simplifies token integration with third-party services (such as digital wallets, digital asset exchange services etc.)

Smart contract management system

Simplify token holders' experience after the ICO

Book building platform from ICOBox offers

Payments in fiat* and 100+ cryptocurrencies

No restrictions in payment methods

*upon request

Token holder’s personal account on your website

Bringing ICO participants straight to the project’s landing page and not to an external resource

Custom-made interface

Unique platform design distinguishing it from any other project

Broad range of features

54 customizable parameters

Vast service management capabilities

All features necessary for customer service

Customizable token sale parameters

Setting up ICO stages and token purchase conditions

KYC and AML support

Setting up rules to select eligible token buyers

Built-in calculator with current cryptocurrency rates

Informing buyers on the token price at the time of purchase

Multilevel referral programs

Expanding your sales options

Bonuses, promocodes and closed sale feature

Automated special offers system

Integration with third-party services

Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, marketing CPA networks

Legal compliance with the US & Euro regulations Legal advice by specialists experienced in ICO

Review and recommendations on the project’s White Paper, landing page, and key press releases

Assistance in preparing legal documents: Terms of Use, Token Sale Terms and Conditions, Token Sale and Purchase Agreement, Privacy Policy, warranties and disclaimers

US attorney’s legal opinion on the client’s token based on the White Paper

ICO consulting throughout the duration of the token sale

Crypto Currency Loans & ICO's (Initial Coin Offerings)