​​​​​Onyx Strategic Partner Program

Join the hundreds of partners that have helped Onyx International Group process billions of dollars in small business loan applications.

Offer your customers the most affordable loans and a fast, easy process while earning fee income.

If you are an alternative lender, financial consultant, CPA, accounting firm, credit card processor, service provider or small business aggregator, we can help you grow your bottom line while you help your customers thrive.  Onyx International Group would like to offer Realtor's, Real Estate Brokers, Credit Card Processors, Lenders, Banks, Credit Unions, CPA's, Accountants, Insurance Agents, Insurance Brokers, CPA's and Online Marketers like yourselves the opportunity to register with our company to become your own business loan lender!! 

Add Onyx International Group's Stated Income Loan Product to your Arsenal!

Onyx's STATED Income/STATED Asset Fix and Flip, Fix and Rent investor residential

(non owner occ only) and commercial loan products (can be owner occupied or non owner occupied). Our average agent makes 1%-2% per loan submitted to us!  

However, you can make up to 3% for every loan submitted to us!  

12 Reason's why to add Onyx's Stated Income Loan Product to your Arsenal:

1. Earn up to 3% on every loan you submit to us!

2. Get Paid on your Turn Downs for clients that don't meet your credit and or income requirements!

3. Expand your Product Offerings by setting yourself apart from your competitors with our Stated Income/Stated Asset Product Residential & Commercial Loan Product Nationwide!

4. Expand your Territory! Most States don't require additional licensing for investor (Non Owner Occ) Residential and or (Owner Occ or Non Owner Occ) Commercial loans!

5. Increase Name Brand Recognition as a Correspondent Lender (White Label) of our Stated Income Stated Asset Commercial, Fix and Flip & (Non Owner Occ) Residential Loan Product to your customers! Have Loan Approvals and Funding Documents issued in your company's name!

6. We charge NO UPFRONT FEES!!

7. Loan Approvals are issued within 24-48 hours!

8. NO NMLS LICENSE NEEDED!! Most States don't require additional licensing for investor (Non Owner Occ) Residential and or (Owner Occ or Non Owner Occ) Commercial loans!

9. Offer your clients loans up to $100M+!

10. Personal Loan Consultants who provide you and your client’s assistance with the application process.

11. Competitive affiliate marketing plans.

​12. No minimum Fico requirements!


At Onyx International Group’s, we understand that lending to small business owners (SMB) requires an entirely different approach, one that requires cost efficiency, high-quality customer service and a disciplined credit risk management strategy. Onyx International Group’s can work with you to understand your approach to the SMB lending market and design a partnership program that will drive growth and profitability in your SMB lending business and preserve and grow customer relationships.

CPAs, RIAs, Insurance Brokers and Attorneys:

Onyx International Group’s unique approach to lending makes us a faster, smarter and far more convenient alternative to a bank or other non-bank lenders.  Whether your client needs funding to expand their business or they’re simply looking for working capital, Onyx International can help them achieve their goals with a loan that combines affordable terms with a streamlined application process and the convenience of conducting business electronically. 


Onyx International Group’s is unique in the marketplace. We deliver the equivalent of bank loans but with the advantages and speed of a digitally enabled lending process. Our products are simple interest loans with convenient repayment periods, exactly the type of product that businesses want from a non-bank lender. Our technology makes the entire process convenient for you and your clients, including a best-in-class loan application, tracking portal and limited documentation required from your clients. 


As one of the most technologically advanced online direct lenders in the market, Onyx International Group’s is the ideal financing partner for high-tech service providers. Our resources and experience will enable you to help your clients with products and services that complement the way you do business now and in the future. 

As one of the nation's leading online direct lending companies for business loans, Onyx International Group’s combines competitive terms with time-saving efficiency. Our innovative, streamlined approach to lending - along with our flexibility and dedicated customer support model - makes us uniquely qualified to create a customized program to help your current and potential clients take advantage of your value-added services while minimizing the impact on their cash flow. 

PARTNER WITH US! EARN ADDITIONAL INCOME!! expand your territory! increase your product offerings! get paid off your turn downs! increase name brand recognition & more!!

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